minilab parts for sale

You can sell minilab spare parts either new or used.

Our website for minilab parts is as quoted in the bottom of this page and is working fine.
Problems are always arising because Noritsu and Fuji are increasing prices in secret.
About Noritsu: 2901 and 3001 machine parts is getting expensive nowadays. Machines after these two models along with 3101/2, is still remaining the same price and stable.
About Fuji: Frontier 330/340/350/370 machine's parts has increased price a bit while ago.
We cannot improve the website yet, because we donot have the right data of those models with price, so we are manually rectifying the prices in the admin area.
Almost all customers says strange because prices will be edited after shopping cart is checked out. Our check out system is not simple, bank transfer and credit card and paypal.
For the first two, we can do it manually, so no harm. Paypal is linking to our website "" and when an user checked out with old digital machine's parts, the price will increase and we have to send an invoice from paypal system manually for an additional payment. As we are applying user discounts in this parts shop, we have to modify the prices according to user's discount status. Anyway, it is already accustomed thing that old machine parts are expensive and users sometimes refuse and sometimes proceed.
In this web database, you can find Chinese OEM parts and also third party repair services.
OEM parts are defined with "-FF" extensions and you can search all details there.
Repair services are defined with "-K" extensions. We offer repair services from the brand and from third party. Fuji original repair services we did in the past, but now not available.
Third party repair, we can offer from Asia and from Europe.

We have available OEM AOM as stock for 5pcs
Price is US$350.00/each/FOB
warranty is 1 year
OEM Brand new

3pcs sold out

OEM AOM for NORITSU machines

Available in the end of May, probably.
We have watched the market and can be sold at US$380.00/pc/FOB
Warranty is 1 year.
Brand new OEM and quality approved.

We had 5 shipments of spare parts today.
All FEDEX shipments.
We have very good rate of shipping charge and most of customers
accept our rates.


WE got samples of inkjet cartridges for Drylabs today and we are now trying to test in the local market.
After finishing the testing, we will start to sell these cartridges in local market.
If you are interested in these cartridges, pls give us a mail to
We sell no branded for US$130.00/pc/order of 100pcs assorted.
They are still cheap comparing to original NK and FF.

Price: US$1,380.00/pc/FOB
Driver PCB included.
ONLY NK models for Blue and Green.
Delivery lead time: 3-5days to collect from CHINA


Price update

dear sir
i need 10 LDD23 for frontier 550/570 and 10 AOM for frontier 550/570 , please contach me and send prices for me . Thank you

If you are still searching these materials, pls let us know.

We are having trouble accessing the website, it says it is down for maintenance, can you confirm that is the situation.

We are very sorry giving you inconveniences caused.
We returned to work as usual since AUG11

I want to buy part number323D1060982D or 32D1134540D

We are sorry for our website left without comments.
We will let you know.

Now the 323D1060982D has been updated to Dryer Belt upgrade kit and price is US$2250.00
There is OEM Belt from China and price is US$300.00
323D1134540B is available and price is US$502.00
Above item delivery lead time is around 5-7days.

Pls contact us for further details.




Pls translate in English

QSS31 LASER x 1pc
QSS32 LASER x 5pcs
QSS33 LASER x 5pcs

Contact us for further details

NOW SHIMADZU and JUNO compatible laser guns available for sale.
Pricing: US$950.00/pc/FOB

I am looking for CTP 24 Frontier 340 Used One. Please Offer Thanks

will check our domestic market if available.

1 pc available: JPY15000.-/EXW